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Herein authorize G. Robert Toney & Associates, Inc., National Liquidators and/or National Yacht Sales to take possession under court order, transport and hold in its possession the following described vessel:


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A copy of the title or the preferred mortgage is attached reflecting our lien.
A court order has been issued authorizing our immediate possession of the vessel.
We have applied for state title and will have in our possession by (Date)
We will forward all documentation to National Liquidators and request they apply for title or documentation and verify all liens are satisfied. We authorize National Liquidators to charge us for this service and deduct from the proceeds of sale.

By clicking to send this authorization we agree to indemnify G. Robert Toney & Associates, Inc., National Liquidators, National Yacht Sales and any approved contractors from any and all such losses, damages, claims and any actions resulting from or arising out of its efforts in handling this assignment, including reasonable costs and attorney’s fees, except such as may be due to negligence or unauthorized acts by those representing the company. This authorization is given to take place on accordance with the provisions of UCC 9-303 and the terms of the lender/debtor security agreement or other contract or document, executed by the above referenced borrower or owner including, but not limited to, any and all loss, damage, liability, fine, penalty, cost, claim, suit or action arising out of or incidental to applying for title or documentation, ownership or possession of the vessel or verifying all liens are satisfied, except as may be due to the negligence or unauthorized acts by those representing the company. This document also authorizes G. Robert Toney & Associates, Inc. to act as our agent to sell, execute bills of sale, transfer title and otherwise act in a responsible manner on the above named collateral. National Liquidators is hereby authorized to take all reasonable measures to protect and maintain the value of the property seized and to prevent liabilities to third parties, including personal injury, property or pollution damage, without further authorization. By issuing a copy of this authorization we also indemnify and hold harmless the following named party:



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