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Since our inception, National Liquidators has provided efficient, effective and professional services to marine lenders throughout the world. As a team partner, we assist lenders in solving loan problems before they become repossessions. Using preventative measures best protects the creditor’s position, and we are happy to assist in portfolio management. Our personnel have more than 65 years of experience in banking, loan servicing, collection and recovery, and more than 10 years of FDIC/RTC contracting experience.

The marine lending community is becoming an integral component of the investor market, and National Liquidators has daily contact with many of the leaders in the industry. We are constantly aware of who is buying and who is selling marine loan portfolios, and how to maximize these sources to the benefit of both parties. National is prepared to coordinate the sale of your problem loans individually or in bulk to help reduce delinquency percentages and eliminate wasted personnel time and additional expenses. We regularly receive inquiries about candidates for marine loan securitization. No loan portfolio is too small to consider for securitization. An alternative is to combine with other lender's portfolios in order to enhance marketability.