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When time is of the essence, National Liquidators is the one to call. We are able to efficiently and cost effectively handle marine repossessions, arrests and transportation efforts throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. We react quickly because we employ our own experienced recovery agents, captains and crewman and own the proper trucks, trailers and equipment to handle boats of all sizes. Recovery rates are outlined on our rate sheet and if additional charges arise, our recovery team will be in contact to review costs and will not proceed without approval. Vessel recovery is our specialty, and your business is important to us. We take pride in the thousands of cases handled with consistently successful results.

Initiating a recovery is simple:

  • Print, sign and fax a Recovery Authorization Form to 888.633.7172,
    or electronically submit one online at
  • Please be sure to include as much detailed information as possible, including copies of the first lien or mortgage and/or the title or note and security agreement, as well as any past collection notes/ efforts.
  • A condition report, repair and service estimates, and a complete set of pictures, will be forwarded to you when the vessel arrives at one of our facilities.
  • If self-help repossession is not an option or is not successful, a replevin or federal arrest should be considered. Both options require legal counsel, and we recommend using a maritime attorney in these instances. We have worked with hundreds of maritime attorneys and will be happy to provide a reference if needed. If an attorney has already been secured, please provide the contact information and we will obtain all necessary court documents and orders.